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Instruments Overview
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  Benchtop Centrifuges

. Different rotors of 10-15ml tubes
. 3000-6000 rpm models available
. Adopters for 1.5/2.0 ml and 5-7 ml tubes available

  Digital Centrifuge

. Bench top centrifuge for 5-15ml tubes with
   rotor for MCT tubes available separately
. Angle rotor and swing out rotor option available.
. Auto Balancing System and automatic braking system
. Quick short run button for short spin
. Very Economical price with such features

  Special Mixture

. Platform moves in positive cyclic mixing zone.
. 15 tubes capacity.
. Easy to load and unload test tubes without switching the mixture off.
. Gentle speed of 24 rpm.
  Circular Water Bath and Shaking Water Bath

. PID Tempe Control
. Different volume as per user need
. Orbital Shaking for Shaking water bath
. 10-250 rpm
. Different platform for flask with clamps
  Suspension Rotator

. Used in Hematology, bacteriology and chemistry research
. 3d Gyratory movement
. 25 rpm gentle speed
  Roller Mixture

. 5 and 10 Rollers model
. Fixed 40 rpm speed for blending blood samples.
  Sterilizer Boiler

. Horizontal, vertical models of sterilizer of different volume as per user need.
. Most advance technology Used
. 12 Liter to 43 Liter to models available in horizontal
  and 46 Liter to 82 Liter available in Vertical models.

. Manual, Semi Automatic and completely automatic models as per user need.
. Easy to read information.

  Lab Incubator

. Growth Chamber Incubator
. Low temperature incubator
. Up to 5 chamber gradient incubator
. Environmental Incubator
. Orbital Shaking Incubator
. Economical in their class
. Different Volumes and size.
(Inquire for more details)
  . Hot Air Ovens
. General Purpose Oven
. Hybridization Oven
. Ambient to up to 250 C
. Shaking oven up to 85 c with rocking, orbital, reciprocal motion up to 60
. Rotisserie motion (Optional)
  Tissue Homogenizer

. Up to 26000 rpm
. 0.3 ml to 3 liter dispensing elements
. Various containers can be used.
. Over Heat Protection
. Digital and analog speed models available.
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