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Instruments Overview
Boeco Germany Back
  . Wavelength ranges:
320 - 1000 nm (S-20)
198 - 1000 nm (S-22)

. Bandwidths:
8 nm (S-20)
6 nm (S-22) (over UV range)
. In-built wavelength calibration
.Lamp with guaranteed 3 year life time
. Self calibrating lamp at 3 wavelengths
.10 times more UV light energy
. Blazed holographic grating.
(Inquire for More Models)

  . High Ramp Rate 4C
. Four Interchangable blocks
. Four Interchangeable Blocks
. USB Flash Port
. High Uniformity and Accuracy
. 1-30 C gradient Range
  . Complete range of Micro and macro centrifuges with
   and without refrigeration system.
. Variety of RPM AND RCF
. Rotor of every need available.
  . Mini-rotator with vertical rotation of the platform for soft mixing of test tubes, microtubes and vacutainers. Incl.Standard platform PRS-22 for 22 tubes up
to 15 mm diam
. Orbital, Vortex, Reciprocal motion
. Different Tray Size

ASTM Type I Ultrapure water applicable for
Molecular biology, microbiology, PCR, inorganic and organic trace analysis
HPLC, ICP, TOC-analyses

ASTM Type II Ultrapure water applicable for
Rinsing laboratory glassware, Preparing and diluting buffers, reagents,
tissue culture media and deyes.
Sample preparation for analytical methods such as flame AAS
(Inquire for more details)
  . Binocular, Monocular, trinocular
. Optional digital camera with Trinocular
. Inverted Microscope, Student Microscope,
  Stereo Microscope, phase contrast microscope.
. Variety of balances from 0.1 mg to higher
. Up to 5 Years of warranty.
. counting
. weighing in percent
. net total (formulation)
. calculating
. mass unit conversion by toggling
. animal weighing / averaging
. different weight units (Grains, Pounds, Carats etc...)
. Optional density measurement Kit available
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