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Instruments Overview
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  Automatic Colony Counter

. Exclusive quality CCD camera (Up to 5 Million Pixels, 12 bit) and advanced
software, delivers outstanding scientific performance.
. One button operation-quick analysis by just one click.
. Used for colony counting (pour/spread/spiral plates
or testing slip/membrane) and inhibition zone measurement.
. Over 300 colonies per sec
. Detectable colony better than 0.05mm

  Gel Documentation and analysis System

. 1.4 Million Pixels, 12 bit CCD camera
. 8 Inches TFT Screen (Optional)
. Analysis Software
(Inquire for more details)
  Fluorescence/ Chemiluminescence's imaging system
. 16 Bit, 1.4 million super cooled CCD Camera with most advance features.

. Application:
Western Lightning, ECL, ECL plus, CDP Star, SuperSignal, CSPD, LumiGlo

Nucleic acid detection
Ethidium bromide, SYBRTMGold, SYBRTMGreen, SYBRTMSafe, GelStarTM, Fluorescein, Texas Red

Protein detection
Coomassie blue, Silver Star, SyproTMRed, SyproTMOrange, Pro-Q Diamond,
Deep PurpleT

Petri dish imaging Microplate imaging Autoradiograph imaging
  UV Transilluminator

. CUV10, 20X20cm, any one wavelength from 254, 302and 365nm.
. CUV20A, Variable intensity, 26x21cm, any one wavelength from
  254, 302 and 365nm.
. CUV40A, Variable intensity, 26 x 21 cm, dual wavelength from,
  254, 302 and 365 nm.
  Real Time QPCR

. Fourth Generation Powerful qPCR.
. Computer Inside, Display and control by Touch Screen
. 6 Temperature controlled Zoom
. Gradient PCR function
. Multi color detection and High Resolution Melting
. Upgraded Silver Block
. High Ramp Rate
. Six amplification at single run
  Biochem "Want" Series Weighing Balances

. Certified balances.
. 0.1mg to higher readability models available.
. Highly precise.
. Fast Response time.
. Large Screen to read from far.
  Nano Heat Technology Products

. Most advance technology
. 36 patents on their name
. Water Bath Kit, Hot Plate, Hot plate magnetic Stirrer
. Economical
. Very sleek and attractive
. Every lab ware works
. No rod heater, no magnetic intervention
. Small foot prints even you can choose the size of cup bottom
(Inquire for complete Literature)
  High END Trendy Microscope from Biochem

. Different colors, meet all kind personality users
. Different illumination systems meets various demands
. Adjustable stage make observation more flexible
. Transmitted light, coaxial light and reflection light (Optional)
. 8 inches TFT screen with USB port to capture the picture and video
. 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 40x, 100 x (optional) objective lens.
. Built in High Capacity battery (2600mah)
  Micro Spectrophotometer

. Quick analysis of DNA, RNA and Protein
. Wavelength Range: 200-850nm
. Can Measure 0.5 to 2UL OF Sample
. Quick Scan of 0.2 Second.
. 1nm Wavelength Resolution.
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