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Biochem Life Sciences is committed to promoting a quality norm for the biotechnology industry in india. We offer Wide Range of Bench Top Instruments, DNA Sequencing Custom Peptide Synthesis, Fine Biochemicals, DNA Ladder, Protein Marker, Benchtop Instruments and Laboratory Plasticware of very high purity and quality.

We are professional manufacturer of top quality laboratory instruments for researchers in both scientific and healthcare fields. The company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing micro instruments and equipments, offering researcher unmatched performance and proven value.

We currently focus on two product lines:
º Liquid handling devices, including Semi & Fully Autoclavable Mechanical Pipettes (fixed and adjustable    volumes), Pipette Filler, Pipette Controller, Stepper and Bottle-top Dispenser.

? General lab instruments, including Stirrer, Shaker, Vortex, Overhead, as well as bench top Centrifuge.

The family-owned company Boeckel + Co (GmbH + Co) KG was founded in 1929 and now exists in the third generation.

To our costumers in all 5 continents we are pleased to introduce our first general BOECO catalog which will demonstrate our complete line of laboratory equipment and articles.

We offer high quality at competitive prices by a convenient and cost-effective one-stop supply.

Fermentation & Cell Cultivation Technology - Cell culture, fermentation engineering

Electrophoresis System - Nucleic acid and protein separation equipment

Gel Documentation System - Gel imaging systems and quantification software

Stirring Water Bath - Digital 2D and 3D mixing instruments

MS Oven - A compact series of ovens equipped with different shaking platforms, including rotisserie, orbital, rocking, reciprocal and vortex functions

Thermo block Reactor - Enzymatic reaction and temperature control with software, remote-control and real-time recording

Peristaltic Pump - Various digital peristaltic pumps

The company G & G is specialized in manufacturing various balances as well as fittings of the balances for teaching and experimental purposes. With our professional team for product research and development, highly qualified manufacture bases and sophisticated measurement technologies, the quality of our brand products G & G is perfectly guaranteed.

The company G & G is also one of the most important OEM for many producers and traders of balances and teaching equipments worldwide with customer reliance and trust. In order to fulfill our customer orientation philosophy, the company dedicated itself in supplying different specific Product in accordance with the customer requirements.

The G & G products comply not only with the standard quality level in the Balance industry, but also have great cost advantages in terms of mass production with specific items. Through our cost efficiency management, a mutual benefit with respect to the economic profit for our partner and us can be therefore obtained.

Clinx Science Instruments is a leading manufacturer in Bio Imaging Systems in China, developing all the hardware and software on our own. Supplying excellent instrument and professional service for you is always our goal.

Automatic colony counter system

Gel documentation and analysis system

Fluorescence / Chemiluminescence's imaging system

UV Transilluminator

Digital Imaging System

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