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Instruments Overview
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  High Speed Micro Centrifuge

. Most Advance Model
. 15000 rpm, 21000g
. -20║ c to 40 ║ c Temp Range for refrigerated model
. Variety of biosafe rotors to choose
. Safety and many additional features
. 15000 rpm, increment 100 rpm
. Fully autoclavable rotor
. High Speed Low Noise
. Unique cooling design, minimize rotor heating

  Orbital and Linear Digital Shaker

. Upto 7.5 kg shaking weight
. Wide range of accessory plateform
. Electronic time Switching clock
. Over speed detection and protection
. PC Control RS232
  Magnetic Stirrers (Hot plate)

. Variety of stirrers
. Round plate and square plate
. Digital and analog
. 20 Liter Capacity
. Accurate temperature and speed control
  10 Channel Analog Stirrers (Hot Plate)

. High-performance multi-position magnetic stirrer with 10 stirring position
. Individually controlled stirring for consistency with various samples
  Digital (Enhanced) Overhead Stirrer

. Accurate stirring speed control
. Anti Spill Samples
. Real Time display
. Overload Protection
. Setting Safety Circuit
. Upto 40 Litre stirring Qty
. Upto 2200 rpm speed
  Fully Autoclavable Micropipette

. Single Channel variable volume, Multi Channel variable Volume
  (Fixed Volume also available)
. Easy to calibrate
. Light weight ergonomically design

. Comfortable and simple to use.
. Precise pipetting control
. Robust and lightweight
. 1-100ml volumetric or serological pipettes can be used
. Autoclavable silicone pipette holder.
  Step Mate Stepper

. Volume range of 1Ál to 5ml can be dispensed
. Light Weight and one hand operation

Pipette Filler
. Full volume range of 1-100ml
. Powerful motor fills a 25ml pipette in<5 seconds
. Eight speeds are available for aspirate and dispense liquid
  Bottle Top Dispenser

. Entirely autoclavable at 121.
. cover a volume range of 0.5ml to 50ml
. Excellent chemical resistance
. Vapor pressure Max. 500mbar, viscosity max. 500mm2/s
  Vortex Machines

. Changeable Rotor Head with various rotors.
. Speed range: 0-2500 rpm.
. Attractive Looking.
. Eccentric with oilless ball bearings.
. Adapters securely clicked onto appliance in any position.
. Very economical fixed speed model is also available.
. Continuous and touch operation available.
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